Cardboard Obama Flickr Group

January 21, 2009

I’ve started a new Cardboard Obama group on Flickr, curating the various situations people find themselves in when faced with a smiling, life size, two dimensional version of our new president. Please feel free to join and/or contribute your own photos of cardboard Obamas. A few highlights so far:

arguably the best seats


Civic Center, Jan 20, 2009


Inauguration Photosynth

January 20, 2009

Via flowingdata, a Photosynth piece is now up for photos taken from the inauguration platform. So this is roughly what Obama et al were seeing, albeit with like 3 million people out there.

Photosynth at Inauguration

Photosynth smartly and automatically stitches together user photos to create an explorable 3-D environment. It gets better as more photos come in. See also the map of other synths from the inauguration.

Old timey 3D photos

January 20, 2009

Apologies in advance if this post makes you nauseous. Via Burak’s twitter feed, these wonderful old animated photos offer a real sense of three dimensionality simply by flipping between two close perspectives:

Makes me wonder what we could do with two cheap digital cameras mounted a few inches apart. Also, I dare someone to create a 3-D interface using this technique. See more on ffffound and cursivebuildings.